Isuri Devindi

I am a third year undergraduate at the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya. I'm currently interested in machine learning and computer vision fields.

Following my motto,

“Greatness can be achieved if you have the will-power and dedication”

I always strive to explore out of my comfort zone, learn new things, and apply my skills to find creative approaches to solve complex problems.  /  Resume  /  Github /  LinkedIn
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Skills and Experience

For over two years I have been learning and developing my skills on several programming languages such as C, Python, Java, JavaScript and currently improving my knowledge on algorithmic programming.

I'm interested in image processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Over the past years I have been trying to get hands-on experience in those fields with several projects.

I have also been working as a casual instructor for several courses at the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya.

Feel free to check out my resume for more details.


Oral Cavity Region Detection Tool
Team members: Devindi G.A.I, Francis F.B.A.H, Liyanage S.N.
2022 - Present
project page / repository

This project contains a web-based application that can be used to upload images of the oral cavity and identify the known regions which are normal. For example: The tool will process an image uploaded by the clinician and apply masks to easily recognize a specific region of the oral cavity which does not indicate any abnormality.

Remote Proctoring System
Team members: Devindi G.A.I, Liyanage S.N. , Wannigama S.B
2021 - Present
project page / repository / video

A single device which integrates the hardware and software components needed to conduct an examination in the currently implemented system, which will provide a seamless process for the proctors and students involved in an examination.

Reconstructing highly degraded license plates
Team members: Devindi G.A.I, Amarasinghe R.A.A.U, Liyanage.S.N, Varnaraj N
project report / colab / video

Demonstration on how traditional image processing techniques such as Otsu thresholding, morphological transformation, contouring, spatial and frequency domain filtering, and degradation modeling can be used to restore highly distorted images along with the limitations of the traditional image processing theoretical techniques.

Compiler for COOL language
Team members: Devindi G.A.I, Liyanage S.N

The combination of a lexer, parser, semantic analyser, and code generator that can be used to compile programs written in Cool programming language.

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